Let the dataset change your mindset

As someone who spends a decent amount of time creating and updating Powerpoint slides, I sometimes struggle to find the most effective way to present data. In one circumstance, a simple table of numbers might be sufficient to get the point across in the proper amount of detail. In another, a 2×2 matrix might do a better job conveying the interplay between 3 or 4 different variables.

There’s a great TED Talk given by David McCandless about visualization of very large datasets. Its an interesting look at how to “[squeeze] an enormous amount of information and understanding into a small space.”

As we continue to compile and sift larger and larger datasets, its up to us as marketers not only to distill the key messages from those data, but also present those key messages in an effective and compelling way.

McCandless goes through a few short examples in the talk and details even more in his books. I highly encourage you to check them out.

[NB: YouTube version embedded.  You can also check out the original on TED.com]


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