Twitter, Tiger and Bailouts, oh my: 5 Marketing Resolutions for 2010


 Another year has come and gone.  And there has been no shortage of content to distract us from whatever it was we should have otherwise been doing. Content was thrown at us in all shapes and sizes…sometimes in a mere 140 characters.  So I got to thinking, given all the noise that engulfs us each and every day…what will I do better as a marketer in 2010?

1) Make it Measurable. Regardless of what I do next year – I hope that at the end of the day I’ve established a way to measure success. How will I determine whether or not my customers have been engaged?

2) Make it Actionable. Just because I get a customer to read a case study, doesn’t mean they’re going to do anything. How will I take my customers through the journey of cultivation, from awareness to interest to consideration to action?

3) Keep it Simple.  Lose the gimmicks. Customers want content that informs, entertains, is timely and relevant. Anything else is just fluff.

4) Don’t be a one-trick pony. Keep up with the fundamentals to stay visible. Whatever that might be for your business or industry, don’t forget to keep doing it. Case studies and white papers, blogging, presenting…keep it coming so that your customers are engaged and keep a spot for you in their consideration mindset.

5) Create Dialogue through Multiple Customer Touchpoints. Remember that not all your customers get their content the same ways, and they all find content through multiple mediums… so be broad yet coordinated, targeted yet accessible.

Happy New Year and Good Marketing!


  1. #1 by Ramiro Roman on January 3, 2010 - 8:12 pm

    Kris, nice post! Simple but spot on. Keep blogging!!!

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