Good viral marketing means putting your brand second

Any marketer that sets out to make “good viral marketing” is probably setting themselves up for failure. I hear the words viral and marketing thrown around all too often, and those words are usually followed by “how do we create more exposure for our brand”.

I’m sure there are those who disagree but good viral marketing by definition means not putting your brand first. Something that’s a blatant self promotion of your brand is likely to fail as a viral tactic because no one wants to pass on a commercial. They want to pass on things that are

a) Not blatant self-serving commercials selling things

b) Humorous and/or entertaining and/or informative

c) Support or benefit a cause that people connect to emotionally

d) Remember to go back to a

Below are three examples, all of which meet 2 or more of the three things above.

Xerox – Lets Say Thanks Campaign (sorry, just a link…no video)

The first I’m sure many of you have seen… I don’t think Dave Carroll ever set out to get 6 million viewers and tank United Airlines stock price. But people found the video humorous, and they emotionally connected to the “little guy” fighting the big bad corporation. And through it all, he didn’t try to sell you any of his music, though I’m pretty sure he got some guitars out of the deal courtesy of Taylor Guitars and sold a few more downloads in the process.

The second campaign was paid for by Medline who makes, well duh, among other things gloves. But how many viewers new medline was behind it…not until the end do you see who paid for it, and through it all medline never tried to promote their product. Just a great cause presented in an entertaining way that people connected with.

The last one,, is one I just stumbled upon. And thumbs up to Xerox…what an outstanding concept. I’m not going to tell you what its about because I want you to click on the link yourself. Xerox has enabled all of us to connect with our troops this holiday season, and all you need to do is click the link. So take 10 seconds and click for our troops! Thanks!


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