B2Bers in social media revisited

I realize that my last blogging was a little harsh on B2B marketers in social media. The fact is that b2b marketing via social media can be done right, with the right community of followers, with the right content.  But more often than not, it’s done wrong. Wrong, wrong, wrong… of course those of you reading this are probably well aware of all this already. Still, its worth repeating.


This is a bit outdated, but I thought I’d share the above link. Forrester did some work that evaluated what b2b companies are doing to take advantage of social media and blogging. Not really surprising it found most corporate blogs to be complete failures as they were too busy talking about themselves and not enough time was spent getting to know their customers. The best place to really start immersing yourself in social media is to just start reading what your customers are saying about you.

 Twitter, Google Blog Alerts, RSS feeds, etc. enable you to take a pasive role in social media while stil gathering invaluable customer insights. If after this you think there’s an opportunity to engage your customers via social media, think about what your customers want to see from these vehicles. I guarantee you its not your latest press releases and product brochures. In my opinion the worst thing you can do is become a blatant self promoter. 

Part of the appeal of social media / web 2.0 is that content is virtually infinite and on-demand… it has in large part become what its become because people were not getting the content / interaction they wanted from traditional mass media… The sooner we can stop looking at social media as personal commercial networks, the sooner we can get on to creating meaningul and collaborative content.



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