Sliced Bread

I have the mundane task (with the help of a couple other folks)  of creating a “What is Marketing” presentation for new hires at my company.  I say mundane because for someone like me who lives and breathes marketing, there is so much that I originally wanted to talk about, but then I realized that the vast majority of my audience probably won’t know a thing about marketing. So when it doubt Keep It Simple Stupid.

So I scoured the internet for a really basic  yet informative definition of marketing, something that we can all relate to, and I came across this video from TED / Seth Godin. TED = Technology, Entertainment, Design. In the first few minutes he talks about the creation of sliced bread… I think we all know the saying of sliced bread. Watch the first few minutes (or watch the whole thing if you want) and realize that great products die every day without ever being sold. Products/services with the greatest of intentions die because we focus on the design and specs (which are both important), and fail to diffuse / share their true significance. Just ask Otto Rohwedder.

Can you imagine our world without sliced bread?


  1. #1 by Heather Torres on April 30, 2009 - 11:10 am

    I love TED! I could spend hours watching the speeches and stories available on the site. Godin’s speech is insightful and interesting. He provides lots of great examples and stresses the importance of identifying and focusing on your target market. Nice speech!

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